Someone keeps pranking my phone?

Answer Just call the police..why would NOT want to do it

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Tips for pranking someone who believes Wikipedia blindly?

Basically, just put in something fake but plausible.But do it using an account that has had a few minor edits, no serious reverts or blocks, and a few obviously true things added. Also, don't use a... Read More »

My (house) phone keeps saying the line is busy when no one is using the phone....?

There could be a problem with one of your phones that is causing it to go off-hook when it isn't.Unplug your phones from the wall one at a time to see if the problem goes away. If it does, the last... Read More »

Someone keeps calling me?

So are they still calling you? or did you get them to stop? we cannot tell from what you wrote. The first thing to do is contact the phone company and explain the problem. It is a form of harrassme... Read More »

Someone keeps on calling me as "unavailable"?

usually telemarketers can pay their service providers for permanently 'restricted' numbers. these will come up as 'unavailable' . but it can also be long distance international, police, lawyers, et... Read More »