Someone just stole my video on YouTube. How do I do something about it?

Answer YouTube is ABSOLUTELY required to "promptly disable" the copyright infringement. If they don't, they know that you can file a registration for your copyright then sue them and the user who uploaded... Read More »

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Someone stole my youtube video!!!!?

You have no legal ground to stand on. In order to copyright something you must be the creator or owner of the original content. You have no recourse.

Can someone tell me what is so funny about this video on Youtube?

WOW, that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen!

Someone just stole my itouch and i bought it last month. weill i get a new one for free or i have to buy it ?

As a viewer what do you think of this YouTube video (just spent $700 on a camera so I know a bit about vids)?