Someone is giving my personal information out on youtube..! please help! ?

Answer 1. you can contact youtube and notify them of the problem and they'll take down those vids they posted....or you can just kill her.:p

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Is personal bankruptcy information public information?

Personal bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record, and remain in your court records for 20 years. Bankruptcy filings are reported to credit bureaus and stay on your credit report for 10 yea... Read More »

I'm giving away a blackberry bold 9650 on YouTube ?

Fraud. Scam. If you really want people to watch your videos, make them interesting. Then you will ot need to resort to tricks to get people to watch.

What are some sites giving information on Swiss-Canadians?

Not sure what you want exactly, I can tell you about my kids I guess.Does this help?

Who do you think should be giving information about alcohol to young people and why?

Possibly ex-alcoholics, or people who have suffered as a result of binge-drinking? They would be able to explain the detrimental effects of excessive alcohol consumption from first-hand experiences... Read More »