Someone is cyberbullying me but I can't block him?

Answer Just completely ignore them, act like they don't exist. It's not fun for them if they're not getting a reaction.

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How do you block your number so when you call someone they cant see its you?

Do you think i should delete my myspace account coz there's someone cyberbullying me!!!!HELP!!!!?

Hit the abuse button at the bottom of your page and report it. You must block the person so that he cannot communicate with you further

How do i block a number where they cant call my phone?

it depends on what kind of phone you have.on my phonw i go to the communication manager and go to phone settings and theres a block list and if i put the number there it tells the person that he/sh... Read More »

Can you block someones number from your cell phone so that they cant call you and if so how do u do it?

yes there is a way here is what you dogo to menu then go to settings&toolsclick on system then look for security then click on restrict calls and then go from there or if your still not sure and s... Read More »