Someone is cyberbullying me but I can't block him?

Answer Just completely ignore them, act like they don't exist. It's not fun for them if they're not getting a reaction.

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Do you think this was cyberbullying?

Yes, that would be considered cyberbullying. This happened to me the first year of my new school in 7th grade also. They texted some people really inappropriate stuff and said it was me. I ignored ... Read More »

Is cyberbullying illegal?

As of 2010, federal law does not specifically prohibit "cyberbullying"--the use of a computer to harass someone, according to the Discovery Channel. However, laws exist in several states that defin... Read More »

MySpace & Cyberbullying?

According to the Library of Congress, cyberbullying causes psychological harm, negative impacts on academic performance, and can lead to extreme violent behavior such as murder and suicide. With fo... Read More »

How to Reduce Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying has a profound impact on many of its victims because, unlike bullying that happens at school, you may feel you have no escape--it can happen on your computer or cell phone at any hour... Read More »