Someone is butthurt on the internet and they are now threatening me?

Answer just let her sit behind her keyboard of rage.whats she going to do? how can she prove its you?IP address means nothing these days. blame it on some guy that was in some "house party" you threw and ... Read More »

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How to Break Up With Someone Who Is Threatening Suicide?

Is your boyfriend/girlfriend threatening to commit suicide when you tell him/her that you do not want to continue your relationship anymore? If so, this will hopefully help you end things without g... Read More »

How to Tell Someone to Stop Threatening to Commit Suicide?

Is somebody you know hurting?It's never a good choice to threaten that you're going to commit suicide. There are times when people won't stop. They incessantly press the fact that they're going to ... Read More »

EMERGENCY! Someone online is threatening suicide, how do I help?

A lot of ppl lie about that stuff but if its true all you can do is try to get ahold of the person and talk to them. Calm down

Tokio Hotel Family: They are threatening to hurt Bill now :O, I got another message?

Honestly, you can call the police on them. That's threatening all of OUR lives and the boys!! Esp Me... She's not even the "leader" F****ing dumbassses. God people like this piss me off..Get a life... Read More »