Someone help im addicted to fizzy pop?

Answer Abroad I drink Coke (Lidl) and at Home Lemonade with lemon there is of very good in Shopride for £1 : 2 litres. At the Sam Web Pub (Douglas, IOM) Irish whiskey because my father is an Irishman and... Read More »

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Are diet fizzy drinks worse than normal fizzy drinks?

The fake 'sugar' does contain a lot of chemicals, that's why it's better to have the regular version with actual real sugar. Fake sugars act on the neurotransmitters and synapses especially in the... Read More »

What Makes Pop Fizzy?

Without its fizz, pop soda would not be the satisfying refreshment that it is. Nobody likes flat pop. The secret to pop's trademark tingle is carbon dioxide. Pop manufacturers use equipment that cr... Read More »

Can you tell me who damon fizzy is?

WOW that person was mean. You'r supposed to be able to go on yahoo answers and ask questions and get answers not someone yelling at you for not knowing. If you're talking about the damon im thinkin... Read More »

What is the best fizzy pop drink for you?