Someone has posted my personal info on a website?

Answer it's illegal to do that. email the webmaster ASAP and tell them and they will ban that IP. good luck

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My cuz has facebook and someone is after her..they know her personal info!!!?

This is why I don't get on facebook or anything like it. My advice would bet to DELETE her facebook before it's too late. And call the police. This guy could be dangerous!!

Someone called my phone as a prank yet they knew personal info about me...?

I know there are websites where you can change your voice and type in what you want it to say. That happened to me a few years ago, these boys called me and knew everything about me...Turns out it ... Read More »

How do i keep someone from my past form getting my personal info through the internet?

I agree with can find anyone over the web because of today's technology. You can even find someone by paying to get personal information on websites. I know this because I took a class wh... Read More »

Is there a security breach on Yahoo's website Does anyone have info on the "blackhole toolkit website attack"?

Exploits by Targeted Platform or Technology…Exploit Types…Malware Hosted Threat Categories and Familieshttp://www... Read More »