Someone has blocked facebook on my do i remove the block?

Answer it depends how it is blocked, you can check the parental settings.

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If you block someone on facebook, do they know you have blocked them?

When you block someone, they can not find out, the only way they can find out is if someone shows them your profile.But if that doesn't happen it will just look like you have removed your profile f... Read More »

If I block someone on Facebook and we have a mutual friend. Can the blocked person see photos, comments, etc?

Anybody That you Block Will Not Be Able to See your photos or Comments But Anybody Who is Not Blocked Will be Able to See it

How to un-block someone that has you blocked?

If they Blocked you Back than There is no Way to Unblock That Person

How do you block someone that has already blocked you on instagram?…Hope this would help you out! have a good antivirus software enabled in your pc!