Someone hacked into my YouTube account and changed the password. And now...?

Answer I buy camels and chickens for my hobby.... maybe u should get a hobby and buy something like a german hershbanyo

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Facebook hacked and changed password?

the following link may help you, go to this link.… and follow the procedures they provided

Someone hacked my minecraft account?

Hey man don't worry about it, it happened to me and a lot of other people too. It's just cause it got really laggy.

My ex has hacked into my hotmail account?

Keystroke recording software will e-mail all your keystrokes to an e-mail address. So it doesnt matter if you dont share the computer anymore. Setting up a new account will only give him the new ... Read More »


help wiht what?? you should have changed your password before posting this Q or else the hacker will do it for you and then what? USE YOUR BRAIN, DIMWIT!