Someone hacked into my YouTube account and changed the password. And now...?

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Facebook hacked and changed password?

the following link may help you, go to this link.… and follow the procedures they provided

I have tried everything to delete my twitter account, it wont let me in because the password was changed.?

I've been at this for a few days for 2 other customers of mine (I fix 1,000 computers a year). Don't believe anything anyone posts here as a solution (they get 2 points for posting useless tips).... Read More »

How do I make a SECURE youtube account without google hijackers changing my password?

the same thing is happening to me! i have made like 6 new accounts! it's good to use a password with special symbols in it, like:♥★ ☆ ✰(just copy and paste these off other websites, and these)

My son uses one yahoo sub act . he changed the password and now i cant check up on him.password help?

You could install a security program such as a keylogger, although at 14 am sure he could easily find out about it then you'd have to deal with more issues of invading his privacy.Although I'm not ... Read More »