Someone hacked Wikipedia !!?

Answer anyone can change anything in wikipedia, if you know how to program in html

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Has Wikipedia been hacked?

There has been no change in the article you link to since August 20, 2008. It loads OK and has nothing unusual in it that I can see. Perhaps you could point out any error or problem...As they say, ... Read More »

Someone hacked my facebook?

From what I understand most probably you have a new friend - virus.As I see the things it is something automated which means that no matter how many times you change your password it will continue ... Read More »

How to See If Someone Has Hacked Your PC?

Opening an email or using a public Wi-Fi connection can potentially invite a computer hacker into your computer. While keeping a hacker out is difficult, it isn't too hard to see if one is already ... Read More »


help wiht what?? you should have changed your password before posting this Q or else the hacker will do it for you and then what? USE YOUR BRAIN, DIMWIT!