Someone called my phone as a prank yet they knew personal info about me...?

Answer I know there are websites where you can change your voice and type in what you want it to say. That happened to me a few years ago, these boys called me and knew everything about me...Turns out it ... Read More »

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So where do all the phone info companies go for the info that they sell the people?

No, they don't have the information you want - it's just another spam scam. Anything they can provide you can be found on your own, by Googling and placing a few discrete phone calls, for less money.

Have you ever called customer support, and talked to someone who actually knew more that you did?

No, I am customer support. Our job is to keep your guessing and hopefully get you to buy the upgrade.Told ya.

My cuz has facebook and someone is after her..they know her personal info!!!?

This is why I don't get on facebook or anything like it. My advice would bet to DELETE her facebook before it's too late. And call the police. This guy could be dangerous!!

How does one remove personal info from a laptop?

Take out the hard drive and drill a hole through it if it is serious information. Otherwise there is something you can do but I forgot. Sorry...