Someone called me this today and it hurts?

Answer Take no notice of that hun. Someone called one of my contacts a nasty name too and i was so annoyed. You are a gentle soul and i love your answers.

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Someone called my cell today very early - the number it showed was +33299009400?

I've had the same thing happen to me, except no plus sign. Went to reverse phone number look up and nothing.....but on the page, there was a place where you can list that number to let others know ... Read More »

My dad actually called my music "just noise" today!!! has this ever happened to you?

Yeah tell me about it. my dad says the same.He came into my room earlier exclaiming that what I was listening to was just a load of "cob-swaddled noise that was turning him do deaf" and then storme... Read More »

What's this tumblr theme called -or, can someone code it for me?

Based upon this URL that you gave: If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the web page, it will actually tell you where that theme came from: Aja Westhttp://an... Read More »

What is this site called, "Tagged" I get some unwelcome someone wants to meet you on there. I did not sign?

"Tagged" is a website much like myspace and facebook (A poor spinoff really, atleast in my opinion).There are people on websites like "Tagged" (and not only reserved to tagged only) who sign up and... Read More »