Someone called me this today and it hurts?

Answer Take no notice of that hun. Someone called one of my contacts a nasty name too and i was so annoyed. You are a gentle soul and i love your answers.

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How can I tell people that being called ginger hurts?

You know what? I love people with red hair and freckles. I think it is an absolutely beautiful thing to be blessed with, and I am quite envious of it in all honesty. All of my guy friends go weak i... Read More »

Went swimming today, forgot to put on I am SUNBURNT!! It hurts so bad!?

use ibuprofen (Motrin) for pain; apply cool wet soft cloths-like tee shirt material-to the blisters and change them when the coolness is gone; or soak in a cool bath. try hydrocortisone 1% cream... Read More »

Today i woke up and streched and my neck poped and know it hurts so bad that i cant move it?

I jumped over hurdles today and hurt my Knee and it hurts allot what do i do?

Ice it and advil. If the knee pain continues it may be patella femoral syndrome. Just do quad muscle and butt muscle excercises and your good to go.