Someone called me an "illinois fag got" on chat roulette?

Answer Would you like us to wave the magic want and make all the mean people in the world go away? Sorry but there is no cure for ignorance. Deal with it or stay out of the chat sites.~

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Who are all those shy looking women on Chat roulette?

just there to attract sad gambling adcts an make a profit for the bosses who can afford em.

Who is that smiley icon on facebook chat called :putnam:?

This picture used to be the face of facebook! Here it is:…And his name is apparently Chris Putman who was an engineer: Read More »

Where's a good place for teens to chat that isn't a chat room and isn't Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook?

Where online can you chat for free, besides Yahoo! Chat?

If you have a myspace profile,the chatrooms are free.