Someone called me an "illinois fag got" on chat roulette?

Answer Would you like us to wave the magic want and make all the mean people in the world go away? Sorry but there is no cure for ignorance. Deal with it or stay out of the chat sites.~

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Who are all those shy looking women on Chat roulette?

just there to attract sad gambling adcts an make a profit for the bosses who can afford em.

If a car is registered in Illinois and someone with an Indiana drivers license drives it can the driver be insured in Illinois?

How do I add someone to a chat room?

IRCType in /INVITE [username] [chatroom]. Substitute [username] with the username of the person you are adding and substitute [chatroom] with the name of the chat room you wish for the person to jo... Read More »

Someone called me, hung up as soon as I said hello and when I called back it says the number isn't in use?

Probably on the phone to someone else.But they may have spontaneously been disconnected from their provider due to some unknown phenomenal circumstances. Guess you'll never know :D