Someone answer I was a little freaked out, should I be worried?

Answer In all honesty you should not have used it AT ALL. Nobody can know what that could be. It could be anything!If anything unusual happens go STRAIGHT to your doctors and tell them the story.

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Someone who is ripped, and toned answer this quesiton! (little body fat, nice abs)?

insanity is not the best plan for youyou need to really hit the gym an start lifting weights.. you have to develop some muscle mass on your body. lift heavy.. an do cardio exercise 1-2 a week for 3... Read More »

Should i be worried about getting HIV from someone bumping into me?

Nope! I have an uncle with AIDS, and I am around him quite often. AIDS is a very difficult virus to catch, because you have to swap blood or other body fluids (not including saliva). It is also a v... Read More »

When I'm in the shower, the wall turns into hamburger. It's a tasty snack but I'm a little freaked out. Ideas?

Well you'll never have to worry about the meat becoming too dry when you need to reheat it.

How should I answer when someone asks me why I am a vegetarian?

i think it is very rude for people to ask a lot of the questions that they ask, but you will probably never be able to answer this question without offending someone, especially since EVERYONE is o... Read More »