Someone I know passes out while she is sitting down! She is faking it, isn't she?

Answer If she has narcolepsy she might not be faking it.My mom has fallen asleep due to narcolepsy while standing up, but it looked like fainting, dozens of times and she hardly ever gets bruises. Howeve... Read More »

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How to Beat Boredom While Sitting at Someone Else's House?

It's boring when you are stuck at someone's house and all they do is read, or watch TV, or stay in their own world of things they have to do without considering what you might like to do. Here are ... Read More »

I feel like someone is holding my heart when sitting down?

The short answer is lose weight and get in shape. Shortness of breath while going up stairs is obvious but the feeling you have while sitting could be from if you have a gut. Depending how large it... Read More »

Drunk while sitting in your car .husband just asked me and i dont know the answer.?

Yes you can, because it can be argued that you probably intended to drive or had already driven the car.

Truck starts hard after sitting long but starts fine only when sitting a short while?

it could be several problems main 3 to start with are spark air fuelmost likely your fuel lines or filter could have build up or pressure lossalso a bad wire to starter or your air filter could nee... Read More »