Someone I do not know has pictures of my son on their facebook! HELP?

Answer Just relax.You have no control over what others post on Facebook.Facebook has not taken action because there is no crime or terms of use violation involved.As for "who is looking at the pictures", ... Read More »

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On Facebook, Is their a way to know if someone got you Message?

The only way ur gonna know if someone got ur message is when they reply back

How do you know if someone has you on their "Close Friends" list on Facebook?

On do people know if someone specific visited their profile?

No. They have that "anti-stalking" application but that doesn't work. It's only there as a scare tactic type thing. See if you go on someone's page (say Bob Smith's page) and they have that appl... Read More »

If you send someone a message on Facebook who you don't know, does it go into their "other" box?

No, it goes to the inbox. People generally don't answer for the messages sent by unknown person. Sometimes, the messages contain virus.