Somebody told me I could put my keyboard in the dishwasher, does that really work?

Answer It depends on which keyboard you have. If you have one of these Seal Shield models then yes, it is dishwasher safe.… Read More »

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What obligation do i have to a contractor that I told could do the work on an insurance claim?

Do you know this guy? It doesn't sound like the damage to your siding is that bad or you would have noticed it yourself. Was this guy just out cruising the hood and pulled up to your house or was h... Read More »

Can somebody told me how to work my tv again?

Can only guess that you have a loose connection on the cable that you mention.

Teens: Have you ever been really inspired by somebody here or gotten a answer that REALLY helped you?

I've been genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness of so many of my contacts, and am inspired by their creativity, cleverness, knowledge, kindness and wisdom. There have been many times when I've be... Read More »

New girfriend told me she had Jungle Fever when she was in high school. Is that something that I could catch?

I wouldn't worry about the jungle or rice patty fever as much as report monkey fever. I think you exist just to give me thumbs. Only to see me suffer and die again.