Somebody made a fake facebook account of meplease i beg you help me...?

Answer Nope, that's you now.

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Can anyone trace my IP address back to my computer if i made a fake Facebook account?

Not that I am condoning false FB pages however : You can use a free vpn or proxy to hide your IP. Try downloading the "Stealth" plugin for Firefox. Cyberghost and Expatshield are also free, easy an... Read More »

Why did facebook think my account was fake?

the main reasons are if you are using a name that isnt your real name, or if you are lying about your age, or if they detect that you created more than one accountor someone reported you for one of... Read More »

Fake facebook account or not?

How to Spot a Fake Facebook Account?

Some people will try to dupe Facebook users for reasons of their own, from having a bit of fun, to duping for its own sake, right through to grooming people online or seeking to behave fraudulently... Read More »