Somebody is hacking my e-mails how can I stop them?

Answer I had the same problem, I couldn't change my security question (yahoo wouldn't let me) so I changed my zip code and that stopped it! ;)

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Is it possible to stop somebody from seeing my Facebook photos before adding them?

When you send a friend request, you can add them to your "limited profile" list straight away, even though they haven't accepted your friend request yet.

I think somebody is getting into my e-mail and they deleted half of my messages. How do I stop them?

Whilst "Change Your Password" is the obvious answer, you may wish to give more info.Are your emails stored in OE or O.Look. Or do you use webmail?Are your emails sufficiently sized to overload your... Read More »

How to get Twitter to stop sending me e-mails?

Click on the gear thing in the top right and then at settings, then go to email notifications on the left and un tick everything.

When sending e-mails, can others pick them up, threw a router?

Then you're on someone elses' wireless line and it is not secured, it's nothing to do with email's, but the email's will be sent (if you sent any using their wireless connection) under their IP #.A... Read More »