Somebody gave me a scanner, but they did not give me the hardware to go with it...?

Answer I think you mean you have a scanner, but you didn't receive any software with it. What you should do is find the brand and model of your scanner. This should be printed on your scanner somewhere,... Read More »

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Remember in the news they were talking about all of the home loans they gave to people with bad credit and no?

Them days are gone. they got smart and took it away

Is there hardware i can download to make my scanner compatible with windows XP?

You need to download a windows XP driver for your scanner, and install the driver for you scanner to work. Here is the link for the XP driver, good luck…

What rights do surrogates have to the child that they gave birth to and gave away?

Once biological parental rights are terminated (TPR) and legal adoption of the child is complete, the adoptive family gains and maintains all rights to and responsibility for the child.

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