Somebody PLEASE explain this New stance on circumcision?

Answer Circumcision medical literature reflects the pro-circumcision bias of circumcised American researchers who seek to find benefits and avoid studying the harms of circumcision. The answer to any rese... Read More »

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Can someone explain this *reason* for infant circumcision please - I don't get it?

It's just a myth (that's recently been debunked by the way) that some pro-circumcision (American) doctors used based on studies that they conducted themselves in the hopes of convincing people to c... Read More »

Can somebody explain this the origin I mean?

Telefrancais is a french video series for little kids learning french. There was a girl, a guy (named Jacque I think), and a pineapple.

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what this means. please.?

Somebody anser this please?

Eat cold foods cream or cold soups, hot or acidic foods would probably cause you to burn.