Some valuable tips for posting questions in the Computer & Internet section?

Answer Seems you hit the nail on the head..I only have one thing to add, if you are getting an error message please post the EXACT error message you are getting. Oh, and try and be as specific as possible... Read More »

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Is the Reality Section gonna end up like the talk show section with four questions on the page?

every feckin time i ask one,it never makes it to the feckin board???????edit??PMSL @ DR BAD's to that GIT under me "I KNOW",we or should i say i don't need feckin clues,when in doubt,vio... Read More »

This message is posting in the ( Alternative Section) for and only for like minded people. See Below>>.?

it should be apparent that all they're doing is 1) chasing the money they're losing to alternatives, and, 2) chasing their lost credibility in the eyes of the public due to their failure to get sic... Read More »

What is stupid youtube guys always posting in the comments section?

Yes i know them, they can be found on movie trailers. they are advertising for a website called (which doesn't exist) and there all spam bots, don't believe them

Why don't all of you use google and get the answer right away instead of posting your questions here which cou?

I know, that makes me sick! You don't know how many times I get mad at ppl for that...they want somebody else to Google it for them and just give them the link...pure laziness.