Some typical English food for gift (I would like to carry it by plane)?

Answer Don't try to take meat, cheese or any vegetables. Most countries forbid taking that sort of food across their borders. I like the idea of Branston Pickle, you could also take some Marmite and pe... Read More »

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What is a typical English food, dish, or recipe?

Curry is a big one! Chips and Curry (yellow usually). There is a large India Influence there. Roasted. Lamb, Beef, Potatoes. Cornish Pasties-YUM!!!Bubble a... Read More »

What's typical English food except fish and chips?

traditional english breakfast - egg, bacon, sausage and beans or tomatoes.

What is the typical miles per gallon for a small plane?

A small plane like a Cessna 150 can typically get around 18 miles per gallon. However, exact miles per gallon depend on factors, such as head winds, which can significantly increase or decrease fue... Read More »

Can you carry a flashlight on a plane?

Flashlights are permitted aboard airplanes. However, when checking the contents of your luggage, security may deem it necessary to search the inside of the flashlight---removing the light bulb and ... Read More »