Some plants that are weird?

Answer These are unusual to say the least. Please see related links below.

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What is that weird smell that some brand new electronics have?

Hi thereOften appliances are packaged in plastic bags , and it can be from the bags , or the plastics in the device themselves that can gas out., leading to a strong odour.In electronics manufactur... Read More »

What are some really weird food combinations that are good?

Tuna in mac and cheese is awesome. It's like a tuna melt(can't find them in the S only in northern states).Pickled pigs feet(take meat off of bones) add to peanut butter and cracked pepper stir del... Read More »

How do i know that you all are real people perhaps you are just some weird yahoo programs keeping me busy?

The best resource at your disposal without too much trouble would be to read about and apply the Turing Test. The URLs below have pertinent information about it and are more authorative than I;-) ... Read More »

Is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it?

lmfao! falling down the stairs. umm lol alot of people laughat thatt.