Some people say that Rootbeer is a type of beer.Is that true?

Answer No. It's a soda, not any kind of beer.

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Do you get banned for jailbreaking your iphone some people say that if i did the jailbreak thingy the applestore will ban me is that true?

No, that is not true. Jail broken iPhones still have access to the Apple app store. The only thing it will do is break your Apple warranty on your iPhone.

For all my people that love to eat, is it true true that macaroni and cheese is better than pizza?

Is it true that people that like trains are smarter than those that do not?

have you seen the big bang theory? one word...sheldon.

Is it true that some people grow three sets of teeth?

Third Set of Teeth Extra/super-numerary teeth are rare but possible. Here are some stories and input submitted by FAQ Farmers: + i am 14 and have 4 teeth behind my adult teeth and i am going to h... Read More »