Some of the keys on my keyboard are not working. What do I do?

Answer If that's a desktop, just run off to Staples or other good retail store and buy another. If you aren't sure what will work, then BRING your old keyboard with you.If that's a laptop... you might b... Read More »

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Keys on my keyboard suddenly stopped working?

Try reinstalling the keyboard drivers.Go to 'Device Manager' Find your keyboard(s) in the list. Uninstall it or them.Restart your computer.The keyboard(s) will automatically reinstall afresh as the... Read More »

How to make keyboard keys equal different keys?

It's called re-mapping the keyboard. Software is available for that. Google it.

Have you ever took of keys on the keyboard to clean up keyboard ?

The easiest way to really thoroughly clean a keyboard, and this sounds strange, put it in the dishwasher. Seriously. Put it on the TOP rack, as it will melt on the bottom one. When it's done, yo... Read More »

Does anyone know how many keys on a keyboard?