Some monster got hold of my cat in the woods.?

Answer Clen the wound as best you can. If you have any antiseptic use it. that should help until you can get him to the vet.

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With Monster Energy drinks, how come some of the tabs have the "M" on them, and some don't?

They all have an M, some are just invisible..

There was a show on sci fi channel about a sheriff who was some sort of creature or monster and he was always after some boy to join him or whatever from the 90s you think?

How many ounces of water does the Monster steam cleaner 1200 hold?

The Monster 1200 SuperClean steam cleaner holds 10.15 oz. of ordinary tap water, according to its manufacturer, Euroflex. Its 1,200 watts of power heat steam to 248 degrees F.Source:Euroflex: Monst... Read More »

My friend has got hold of some crack cocaine, he wants me to take some with him.?

YES YOU WILL GET HOOKED (ESPECIALLY CRACK, IT'S ONE OF THE MOST ADDICTIVE) he's not a good friend if he's trying to get you hooked on drugs. I just got out of a rehab program because of my alcohol... Read More »