Some keeps hacking my account and i don't know what to do about it?

Answer Maybe it's someone from your family?You should get a new email or change the information for the forget ID part. And only keep the info on your com and also put a password on your com. And make sur... Read More »

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This man keeps ringing you and you dont know who he is so what shall you do?

I drank some of my moms tequila she keeps in the freezer and i dont want her to find out, but i cant put water?

To everyone that posted here calling this person stupid and a thief...ask yourself if you did anything similar when you were young before passing judgement and critising. My best friend's Mom was a... Read More »

WiFi hacking Guys I need some help regarding WiFi modem and its hacking options?

It is not impossible but not easy to do. If you connect to the wifi network without ecryption. Meaning you do not have to input a password to connect to wifi then any thing you send out wirelessl... Read More »

Health about Alcohol and I dont know anything about Alchohol?

1. pathway when injested takes its course like any other liquid in the body. 2. pretty much all your organs are affected mostly liver because its the filter for the body.3. the BAC is the Blood Alc... Read More »