Some help with my tumblr background?

Answer Hey!The link below will show you how to use Gif files on Tumblr background, profile, etc. :……Follow them step by ... Read More »

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I need help with some Tumblr themes?

Search the Theme Garden, or find someone who has a theme that you want, and somewhere on their blog it will give credit to who made their theme, and you can install it from there.

How do I change my tumblr background to an image, with the Vacant theme?

The theme probably just doesn't let you change it to a picture. It's a pain, I know. Most tumblr themes don't have everything that other themes have. You can play with the HTML and see if you could... Read More »

I need some help on Tumblr!?

if you put in the link to your tumblr that might help. but try searching

Some tumblr help please :)?

gonna have to block or tell herface the facts