Some girly help here... anyone?

Answer Tampons can be dangerous if you leave them in too long or use one that is too absorbent for your flow. You should be changing them every three to four hours and they should be pretty well saturate... Read More »

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Can I please have some help here?

It's probably worthless. It's hard to know w/o the specs. Had you given the model number, that might have helped. Were you able to boot it up? The problem with old laptops is that their batteri... Read More »

Can anyone help me figure out the nutritional information here?

They are both saying that one serving equals three wontons. The other information is the same because it is just giving you the nutritional information of one serving- not the total of all the wont... Read More »

Can we have some help here, my husband is new to insulin?

Did he give himself insulin and not eat as much carbs as he figured? That would make him go low. OJ always makes my son high for a long time. You are right about a cold making his sugars go high to... Read More »

Excercise question....can anyone help A bit embarrassing, but here goes?

Okay...the exercise you are doing is good. If you increase the muscular strength of your thighs you will increase the size (some what) which will cause the cellulite to become more prominent at fi... Read More »