Some Good Things to Do to Help Lock Up My Dreads Faster?

Answer Dreadlocks, sometimes also called dreads, are matted strands of hair most commonly associated with Jamaican reggae musicians, such as Bob Marley. Dreads, however, have been worn throughout history ... Read More »

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How to Lock Dreads Faster?

Dreadlocks, also known as dreads, are a hairstyle that is created by matting the hair into sections either naturally through neglect or by using dread wax and rubbing, twisting, rolling and backcom... Read More »

How to Make Dreads Lock Faster?

Traditional dreadlocks require a person to stop combing, brushing, or washing their hair, allowing it to clump and mat together. Over a period of time, sometimes years, various sizes and lengths of... Read More »

What things help materials decompose faster?

[1] Enough constant circulation of air, so that the compost pile doesn't run out of oxygen. Decomposition takes place with oxygen [ka aerobic], or without [ka anaerobic]. Anaerobic decomposition is... Read More »

How to Lock Dreads?

Dreadlocks gained prominence as a symbol of non-violence, spirituality, and as a statement against Babylon. Today, many people--uneducated in the history behind dreadlocks--associate them with mari... Read More »