Some Fun Beer Facts but are they true yes or no?

Answer Hi Ducky, I find this very interesting not funny but good facts I my use..In the early 90's I use to brew My own beer and there was a dark Irish Beer that was to die for..Very good taste and just ... Read More »

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True or false You like Apple Juice True or false u dislike Tea. True or False. You like Root Beer?

1. True! 2. FALSE! LOVE tea!3. Yes! But I prefer a Cream Soda Float over a Root beer float :)

Is it true that there won't be any more Beer because of the Swine Flu?

Sorry for your lots. Beer died of Swine Flu a little less than an hour ago.

True Facts About Wheaten Terriers?

The wheaten terrier -- also known as the soft-coated wheaten terrier -- is an Irish breed of dog that is now found throughout the world. This breed of terrier is a common pet, and is especially sou... Read More »

Some people say that Rootbeer is a type of beer.Is that true?