Solutions for Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Answer Separation anxiety is a problem for some dogs, and it can be a big problem for their owners. Dogs with separation anxiety become abnormally anxious when their owner leaves. They can scratch and che... Read More »

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Toys for Dogs With Separation Anxiety?

Dogs do not like being apart from their humans. In the wild, dogs live in packs, never separating, in order to survive. It is contrary to a dog's nature to be alone, but you can quell a dog's anxie... Read More »

Boxer Dogs & Separation Anxiety?

Boxers are large in size and that sometimes gives people the impression that they are tough and strong-willed. However, boxers are actually very loving and friendly dogs. They are also extremely lo... Read More »

Separation Anxiety Medication for Dogs?

Separation anxiety affects 10 to 15 percent of the canine population, according to Reasons for separation anxiety range from past experiences of long term neglect and/or abandonment... Read More »

Behavior Management for Dogs with Separation Anxiety?

Most dog owners would tell you that their dog is like a member of their family. Although they walk on all fours and can't speak, dogs have many emotions that are similar to a human's. Just like peo... Read More »