Solar iPod Charger?

Answer…seen these on sale in OxFam - new, along side windup radios and a water powered clock

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How to make a solar powered ipod charger?

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How to Select a Solar Charger?

Thanks to technological development, Americans now have more choices about where and how they do their work. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and even portable printers and credit card machines make d... Read More »

How to Build a Solar USB Charger?

Building a solar USB charger for when you run out of power while on the go is handy to have and a breeze to make. This compact gadget folds up so you can stow it in a pocket or a backpack, and will... Read More »

Universal solar charger?

You can get, pretty much, universal solar charger in the Solio charger - it will charge most types of cell phones, ipod, media player and more, as it comes with different connectors. Charging a lap... Read More »