Solar Water Heating Loop Vs. Batch System?

Answer Domestic water is the water you use to wash dishes, clothing and take care of sanitary needs. In fact, the Arizona Solar Center estimates that every person in the U.S. uses between 15 to 30 gallons... Read More »

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What is a passive solar heating system?

A passive solar heating system is any arrangement that employs building elements to naturally accumulate and release energy from the sun in order to help meet a structure's interior climate control... Read More »

We have just had this new fangled Solar heating system fitted.?

Dick, dear, did you suddenly come into quite a bit of cash? Solar heating, DVD, digital camera, ipod AND not one but TWO exercise, my, my!

What is solar water heating?

Solar water heaters can save energy costs by using solar energy to heat a water system through either active or passive circulation methods.DescriptionThe U.S. Department of Energy describes a sola... Read More »

DIY: Passive Solar Water Heating?

Harnessing thermal energy from the sun is one of the most sustainable methods for heating water in a home. A solar thermal water heater is basically a solar collector built around a radiator. Cold ... Read More »