Solar Manufacturers Owned by Oil Companies?

Answer Oil companies own or are significant shareholders in most of America's solar manufacturers. Solar companies are developing the technology and products to convert the sun's energy into heat, hot wat... Read More »

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Why do Record Companies give unrealeased or unfinished songs to other artists if its already owned?

Have you ever watched one of those singing shows on television where a contestant sings a song that they probably shouldn't have; i.e the song didn't quite mix well with the contestants singing sty... Read More »

Shouldn't we boycott companies that have only one goal..... putting other companies out of business?

Invest in only CFR companies i.e. council on foreign relations companies?

Good list Watchful.. Glad more people are paying attention lately. I was going to list the companys that are CFR run but Watchful just saved me the trouble. Hes right, but you should NOT invest in ... Read More »

Are there any insurance companies that provide coverage for very high risk drivers and if so which companies?

AnswerThis is not an endorsement: but Progressive has built their business on insuring high-risk drivers. That's not to say your particular driving record will qualify for coverage. If you are cons... Read More »