Soil for Planting Vegetables?

Answer Soil needs to be prepared for the planting of vegetables, and some soils are more aptly suited for the growth of most vegetables. Not all vegetables have the same growth characteristics or soil req... Read More »

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In bulb planting instructions, it says "planting depth: plant crown level with surrounding soil"?

the crown is the top of the will dig a hole deep enough to bury the bulb but shallow enough so that the top of the bulb is level w/ the soil but not covered by it.

Planting Vegetables in Sacramento?

Sacramento gardeners can enjoy the fact that temperatures rarely drop below freezing for long periods even in midwinter. However, the area does reach average temperatures of over 92 degrees F in Ju... Read More »

Distance for Planting Vegetables?

Each plant that you grow in your garden has certain requirements, this includes the amount of sunlight needed, amount of water needed and using the type of soil that will produce the best vegetable... Read More »

Methods of Planting Vegetables?

Growing a productive vegetable garden is possible, regardless of the space or quality of soil on your property. Vegetable garden methods range from intensive plans to more leisurely methods that on... Read More »