Soil for Fruit Trees?

Answer Fruit trees grow best in deep and nutrient-rich soils with good drainage. Therefore, they prefer loamy soils that hold in some nutrients. Growers can raise fruit trees in different soil conditions ... Read More »

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How do I prepare soil for fruit trees?

Select a Fruit TreeChoose which type of fruit tree you desire to grow and research its ideal growing conditions. Different fruit trees have varying soil requirements. Because each tree thrives in d... Read More »

How to Prepare Soil for Fruit Trees?

Fruit trees need a specific type of soil, sunlight and food to be productive; however, not all fruit trees have the same requirements. Using resources such as your local nursery and online searches... Read More »

Which fruit-trees grow best in sandy-soil?

Can I use pigs to clean up around my dwarf fruit trees Will they hurt the trees while eating the fruit?

I just read a report for a MASTER GARDENER in Texas who tried pigs the way you are asking. It was a disaster. The pigs went after the lower fruit still on the trees and actually broke off many lo... Read More »