Soil Temperature for Planting Kohlrabi Seeds?

Answer Cool-season, leafy-green vegetables like kohlrabi, grow best during spring and fall weather. While these hardy plants survive light frosts, hot summer weather slows growth. Kohlrabi seeds germinate... Read More »

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Soil Temperature for Planting Rye Grass?

Rye grass is a cool-season grass, which means it grows best in cooler temperatures. This grass is available in two varieties, annual and perennial. Replant annual rye grass each year. Perennial rye... Read More »

If you are planting a small Pomegranate tree how many seeds should you put in the soil just one or5 or the whole fruit Also will it grow in a pot And what are some tips to encourage its success?

Hardwood cuttings are best bet when obtained from a proven parent tree.You can plant five or so seeds in the same pot. I did this 2 years ago. Three seeds germinated. I transferred all to individua... Read More »

In bulb planting instructions, it says "planting depth: plant crown level with surrounding soil"?

the crown is the top of the will dig a hole deep enough to bury the bulb but shallow enough so that the top of the bulb is level w/ the soil but not covered by it.

Do seeds point up or down when gardening&planting seeds?

You should follow the directions on the seed packet whenever planting seeds in order to give them the best chance of growing successfully. If it does not specify whether to plant the seeds up or do... Read More »