Soil Requirements for Oil Palm Plantations?

Answer Climate and water requirements for growing oil palms (Elaeis guineensis) restrict it to growing in tropical soils orders such as Ultisols, Oxisols and Inceptisols. All of these soils have reduced c... Read More »

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Queen palm in clay soil?

i wouldnt do that at all. its retarded, at least.

What are these tiny worms in your indoor palm tree soil?

Probably fungus gnat larva. They wiggle around on the surface of the soil when you water it and are smaller than 1cm.

Adenium Soil Requirements?

Adenium obesum, commonly known as the desert rose, is a flowering succulent native to the soil of sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The basic adenium soil requirements are a very well-d... Read More »

Soil Requirements for Vegetable Plants?

Vegetable gardens allow you to grow your favorite produce at home. Whether you plant in a traditional bed or in a container garden, providing the basic soil needs for your vegetables helps ensure y... Read More »