Softwares : How many SOFTWAREs are required to BREAK A MATCH-STICK ?

Answer Only One. To break a match stick you would need a a device/machine/robot etc which is a piece of hardware. To make the hardware work as per your requirements, you would need a software.

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Is the Google Talk for mobile is avilable from Google ( Not other IM softwares by 3rd party softwares)?

If you have mobile web use the url listed below to have Google Talk on your mobile

Dental : How many DENTISTs are required to BREAK A MATCH-STICK ?

5.One dentist to break the match-stick, and four dentists to coordinate meetings to fight over which is the best way to put it back together.

Certifications for CADD softwares - plz help?

How to Create Portable Softwares?

As PCs are more and more common over time, software usages have also increased rapidly. However, sometimes it can get frustrating to have lots of softwares installed--it takes up a lot of space in ... Read More »