Software to Record Vinyl to CD?

Answer If you have a collection of vinyl records, there may come a time when you want to listen to them on CD and not just at home. Digital audio technology is in a constant state of evolution, making it ... Read More »

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How do i convert a vinyl record to cd with software?

Connecting the Record Player to Your ComputerConnect your vinyl record player to your computer via a USB cable or audio/visual cables. If your computer needs software to recognize the record player... Read More »

How to Use Audacity to Record Vinyl?

The popular recording software known as Audacity is a good choice for getting all sorts of sounds saved in a digital format. The easy-to-use features of this program will help you to create complex... Read More »

How to Clean a Vinyl LP Record?

Vinyl LP records must be cleaned periodically to maintain optimal performance. Dirt, dust and oils from your hands accumulate on the record, interfering with the sound quality. Furthermore, cleanin... Read More »

How to Record Vinyl on Audacity?

Audacity, the open-source audio application, lets you digitize all sorts of analog sound sources, including vinyl records. Not only can it capture sound via the microphone input on the computer at ... Read More »