Software that lets you play multiple videos at the same time?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean "in the one video", but VLC Media Player (which is free software, in both senses) can definitely play more than one video at a time. In separate windows though.

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How to make Lets Play videos?

Capture cards can be hundreds of dollars, depending on what you want, and editing should be done on Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. But if you haven't edited before, you should try Windows Movie Maker.

Which video maker allows you to play an audio over several videos and record multiple tracks, and also is safe?

Well it depends. Do you have a Mac or a Windows?

Why wont my videos play on my Kodak software?

I had a similar problem with my nikon coolpix s550. very simple fix really... the card was originally formatted as FAT32. What i had to do is format it as ntfs then when i inserted it into the phon... Read More »

Is there Android application that lets you have multiple photos on your panel?