Soft drinks from Mcdonalds... are they not 'real'?

Answer "bottled" and "fountain" versions of name brand soft drinks might differ slightly in formulationat minimum, the mixture ratios and carbonation are tightly controlled at the bottling plant and very ... Read More »

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In the UK why is Coke more popular than UK soft drinks, and Mcdonalds more popular than fish n chips?

Because we try so hard to be American.Unfortunately, we, the Brits, have no culture, so we try and adopt someone else culture instead.I don't even know what we will do on the Opening Ceremony when ... Read More »

What are soft drinks?

Drinks that are carbonated and contain carbon to make then fizzy

What is the ph for soft drinks?

Soft drinks are very low on the pH scale, which measures whether solutions are acids or bases. These highly acidic beverages can have a number of detrimental effects on the body.What Is pH?The pH o... Read More »

How much acid is in soft drinks?

Soft drinks contain acids--especially phosphoric acids--as preservatives and flavoring. The concentration level is actually very low; the stronger an acid is, the less is necessary to use. In fact,... Read More »