Sodium Chlorite Vs. Benzoyl Peroxide?

Answer Benzoyl peroxide is a common acne treatment that is available in drugstores and by prescription. Products containing sodium chlorite can be typically found on the Internet. Support for these produc... Read More »

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How to Dilute Sodium Chlorite Solution for Water Purification?

Sodium chlorite is sold commercially and can be added to water to produce chlorine dioxide, an oxidizing agent that will purify water. Chlorine dioxide is a more effective water purifier than chlor... Read More »

Benzoyl Peroxide Risks?

Benzoyl peroxide is commonly used for treating acne. This ingredient is found in many over-the-counter and prescription acne medications. According to the Mayo Clinic, benzoyl peroxide kills Propio... Read More »

How to Use Benzoyl Peroxide for Pimples?

Benzoyl peroxide is found in a wide variety of skin cleansing products. It is especially useful in dealing with painful pimples and blackheads, or treating mild acne. Benzoyl peroxide can cause you... Read More »

How to Use Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne?

Benzoyl peroxide is one of several drugs that can treat acne. It comes in creams and cleansers that reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria on your skin, according to WebMD. Some are available o... Read More »