Soda bottles on airplanes?

Answer if you carry that luggage on you won't have to worry about them exploding because airport security wont allow that much liquid on, however if you check your baggage i dont think the bottles will ex... Read More »

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Can soda in soda cans/bottles disappear over time?

If you have ever looked at the inside of a bottle cap you would see plastic lining the cap. That lining is not completely air tight. It is good enough for short term storage but for long term sto... Read More »

Are glass bottles allowed on airplanes?

It is always wise to check with individual carriers, but as a general rule glass bottles are not prohibited on airplanes. However, depending on the size and content of the bottle, it may not be all... Read More »

When did soda come in plastic bottles?

Nat Wyeth, a mechanical engineer, invented the plastic soda bottle in 1967. Wyeth was working at DuPont when he devised the virtually unbreakable bottle. He received a patent for his invention in 1... Read More »

How to Build a Raft With Soda Bottles?

While rafts come in many shapes and sizes and are made from many materials, they all share the same basic mechanics of working through trapped air. A common recyclable material found in many kitche... Read More »