Soda & Mentos Projects?

Answer Everybody from children to science teachers have marveled at the reaction when a Mentos is dropped into a bottle of soda. The reaction occurs because the compressed carbon dioxide in the soda forms... Read More »

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Why Does Soda Explode When You Add Mentos?

Watching Mentos chewy candies produce shooting geysers when placed into a bottle of soda makes for an educational science project. In addition to performing the demonstration, you can explain the s... Read More »

What is in Mentos that makes soda fizz up?

The three contributing factors to an explosive reaction between the Mentos candy and diet soda are the rough texture of the candy, gum arabic in the candy and the aspartame sweetener in diet cola. ... Read More »

How to Make a Volcano out of Mentos and Soda?

You can make an exploding paper volcano. It's very simple, and all you need is a few things.

How do you make the soda and mentos project explode WITHOUT taking the cap off?

You can't. And if you happen to figure it out you will probably win a major science award. Explosions cause great force that cannot be contained.