Soda Juice Water or Milk Which do you prefer when having your dinner?

Answer juice. im ADDICTED to G2. its all i drink.…

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Soda Milk Iced Tea Or Water Which do you like to drink with your dinner?

I'd rather have water. It clears food out of my throat and cleanses it. Iced tea has caffeine. After water, milk. it helps me sleep.

Poll: Coffee , tea, milk, water, soda, herb tea or juice?

tea, milk, water, i drink these things everyday lol

Orange Soda Soy Milk Coconut Juice Or Vegetable Juice/ Which from this list do u like better?

Hi Scooter, I like Orange, but don't drink soda but do like the other 3. I just recently started drinkin Coconut milk and it's pretty yummy, but Soy is my usual as is Vegetable juice.

Pineapple Soda Vegetable Juice Low fat Milk Or Orange Juice Which from this list do you like better?

it's a tie between OJ and Veg juice.((((Scooter)))) ◕‿◕lovecheri