Socratic Methods in the Classroom?

Answer Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates used a technique of questioning students to facilitate learning that is still used in classrooms today. Through the Socratic method, teachers elicit responses fro... Read More »

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Socratic Questioning Methods in Learning English?

According to the University of Chicago Law School, the Socratic Method is a strategy of teaching in which the teacher asks the student question after question in an attempt to expose a contradictio... Read More »

Alternative Methods for the Classroom?

Teachers are constantly working on methods to help students retain information, stay in the class and understand the material. For some students, teachers need to take alternative approaches to the... Read More »

Classroom Observation Methods?

Classroom observation is a crucial part of a student teacher's education. Inside the classroom monitoring a successful teacher is one of the best places for you, the student teacher, to develop yo... Read More »

Methods of Classroom Instruction?

Teachers are responsible for identifying classroom instruction methods that are effective for students. Since not every student learns and retains information in the same way, teachers must come up... Read More »