Sociological Factors for US Incarceration Rates?

Answer The government of the United States creates laws and policies to protect the safely and well-being of the citizens and provides an opportunity for education, health care, jobs and social supports. ... Read More »

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What Sociological Factors Might Affect Academic Success for Middle School Children?

A child's academic success is affected by factors such as parental involvement and how the parents themselves appear as role models. According to French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, privilege is a ... Read More »

Factors That Lower Rates for Used Car Insurance?

Policy premiums differ across the board. Premiums are based on numerous bits of individual and personal information along with the vehicle insured and overall driving history and habits. Some insur... Read More »

What are 3 factors that affect the birth and death rates?

availability of food, climatic conditions, Wealth. Birth rates are affected by infant mortalitiesGovernments population policiesAvailability for family planningsafety of child birthDeath rates are ... Read More »

How to Write a Sociological Summary?

Sociology is the study of society, and developing a sociological perspective requires the ability to understand how groups or cultures interact with each other. According to the University of North... Read More »